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"I first experienced Bill's Reiki ability when my hands were aching with arthritis. During a visit I was rubbing my hands because the joints were aching and some fingers very stiff. He noticed and offered to give me a Reiki treatment. After the treatment I felt great for several days. Curing my arthritis is not an option, but the relief without meds is wonderful.

When my husband was very sick with Crohn's and headache, Bill came to visit. We were supposed to go out to eat, but instead Bill gave him an extensive Reiki treatment which eased both the headache and bowel pain. My husband actually went to sleep."

Verna M. Stewart- Owen County, KY

"I fell one day and hurt my shoulder, elbow and knee. I finally gave in and allowed Bill to give me a complete Reiki treatment focusing on those areas while covering other chronic problems. I felt a tremendous heat coming from his hands to my shoulder, head, elbow, etc. I felt much less heat as he treated healthy areas. It was the most amazing and unusual experience. My shoulder and ankle pain were alleviated allowing me to sleep for the first time in two weeks.

Cure??? I don't know. Pain relief - absolutely! Stress relief - absolutely! I take several meds, but am thrilled to find a relief outlet that does not require me to put more pills in my mouth. I love and respect my doctor. I love and depend on my chiropractor. I love and value the ability of my Reiki Practitioner."

Verna M. Stewart - Owen County, KY

"My 12 year old horse injured his eye resulting in a tremendous amount of swelling and an inverted swollen upper eyelid that completely covered his eyeball. Although veterinary care was administered his eye became worse and we feared he might loose his eyesight and be permanently disfigured and unable to exhibit in horse shows again. From a distance we contacted Bill sending him a photo of Wyatt. Within 6 - 8 hours of receiving his first Reiki treatment the swelling of Wyatt's eye had digressed by half. This was nothing short of a miracle and after periodic treatments over the next few weeks Wyatt made a full recovery. it is no doubt that Bill has the touch to help others heal quicker and find peace through Reiki treatments. I would highly recommend Bill's services for both animals and people."

Ashley Griffin - Owen County, KY

"Through Reiki treatments, Bill has reduced my stress and I have a better nights sleep."

Beda - Georgetown, KY


My foot is feeling better today than it has in a long time. Thank you for the Reiki treatment.

Ann Rea Anderson - Lexington, KY

Bill Watson - Certified REIKI Practitioner