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I specialize in meeting my clients where they are most comfortable.  I do

REIKI treatments by coming to your home, place of business or other places that can accommodate my portable REIKI table.

You may have another person in attendance while I do a treatment if you

so desire.

During the treatment you may feel various things or nothing at all. Some report that my hands become warm to hot or even cold. More often than not you will probably go to sleep during the treatment or feel very relaxed.

While you may just want a specific area treated, I prefer to do a full body treatment as your presenting problem may not be the cause of your discomfort. The full body treatment uses 12 hand positions. Normally I would recommend four treatments on consecutive days for the best results, however, this is up to the client. There are times when only one treatment is needed to correct a presenting problem.

A normal session will last an hour or more. You can choose to have some background music which I provide or have silence during the session. I do not talk during the session unless you have a question. The first session will take a little longer as I do a health evaluation before we begin. I will need to know any medical problems you may have i.e., diabetes, etc.

My Services - What To Expect

Bill Watson - Certified REIKI Practitioner