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The following links are provided for further information about Reiki:

Some Christians may have some difficulty considering Reiki fearing it contradicts their faith.

I do not condone going against one's faith. Faith is individual. I stated what Reiki has done for me

in the section "About Me". My only regret is I didn't know and use Reiki during my active ministry.

There are many faith based people who are also Reiki Practitioners. Reiki is now being used in hospitals, surgery (pre-surgery during and post surgery) and with Hospice patients and their families. Reiki does not make any claims about being a cure for any condition and no Reiki Practitioner, to my knowledge, would ever suggest to anyone stop going to their regular doctor or specialists. Listed below are some links that may be helpful for research.

Christian Reiki

It may come as a surprise but many hospitals around the world offer Reiki. Here is a website that lists some of these institutions.

Below are listed links to Reiki Masters and Practitioners which may help to answer some

questions about Reiki. You will find they are diverse and offer much more than I.

Robert N. Fueston - Reiki Master & Practitioner -

Pamela Miles - Reiki Master & Practitioner -

This is what Dr. Oz says: