Bill Watson - Certified REIKI Practitioner

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About Me

My mission is to provide personalized, high-quality practice that I believe is designed to help one with daily living at all stages of life.

I am a retired Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister. During my lifetime I have worked in places that address physical, mental and spiritual health issues. At the innocent age of 16 I became a surgical orderly (in the days before modern medical facilities) in a general hospital. Later on I worked as an orderly attendant in a private mental hospital, served as a chaplain in 2 children's hospitals, a state mental hospital, a university hospital and two general hospitals. I worked as a Hospice volunteer for over 25 years and served as minister to three congregations. For six years I worked as a Rural Development Officer for the Council of Swaziland Churches, Swaziland, southern Africa. I know how an imbalance in body, mind or spirit can lead to physical, mental and/or spiritual problems.

For more than 50 years I have been interested in helping people have a healthier lifestyle. Through REIKI I have integrated my education, clinical experience, personal study, and my own life experiences to assist others in balancing their body, mind and spirit in a positive way. For myself, Reiki has been a life changing experience. I have 1st and 2nd training certificates by Reiki Masters in the USA and internationally.  I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner by The Reiki Preservation Society. I am at peace with myself and as a 2nd degree REIKI Practitioner I am in a position to help others do the same.  I do not diagnose nor prescribe any drugs.

I am a traditional Reiki Practitioner using Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho as taught by Reiki Master Robert N. Fueston.

My life is governed by the five Reiki principles which I say twice a day every day:

Just for today:

I will not be angry

I will not worry

I will be grateful

I will be honest and diligent in all I do

I will respect all living things including myself